Artificial Intelligence

DARWIN or Data Analytical Review with Intelligent Narrative powered by NexLP’s Story Engine software automatically turns your data into fact patterns and story lines while providing intelligent narrative and insightful analysis of your data. Advanced analytics, combined with your legal team’s initial knowledge of the subject matter, allows you to quickly fill in the knowledge gaps in both your collected data and the subject matter. The core issues of your case can immediately be expanded upon and linked to the players most involved. Identifying unknown major players, missed custodians and key relationships is fast and easy. All of this culminates in rapidly and cost efficiently identifying the most relevant and key documents and concepts to your litigation. A few key features include:

  • Sentiment Analysis and Linguistic Intelligence

  • Email Threading and Concept Clustering Visualization

  • Cognitive Advanced Analytics

  • Behavioral Intelligence (including social network analytics and anomaly detection)

  • Cosmic Machine Learning Assisted Review

Data Analytics

Our team can help you amplify your e-discovery and data governance efforts by taking full advantage of Relativity text analytics technology.  We utilize Relativity Analytics to organize, prioritize, and assess the semantic content of large, diverse and/or unknown sets of documents. As such, we help you cut down on review time by more quickly assessing your document set to facilitate workflow. Bring Relativity Analytics into your workflow at any time, for any project, to follow an investigative pattern of thought and quickly get to a focused document set for review. A few key features include:

  • Conceptual Term Searching
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Categorization and Clustering
  • Similar Document Detection
  • Technology Assisted Review