Success comes from experience and extraordinary people.


Established in 2003 our company has thrived and continues to support our mission  "to deliver consistent, winning results with unmatched personal service for our clients, using the most sophisticated and current technologies."

We are experts in litigation support, complex data solutions, compliance, data privacy  and software platforms.  Let us help you structure and implement a winning solution. 




BlueStar is a leader and innovator in eDiscovery.  With over 15 years of experience we offer boilerplate and custom solutions to make your project successful.  We are experts in data collection, ESI processing, Relativity hosting, paper discovery and managed review.  


BlueStar utilizes the latest technology and proven methodologies to ensure success. We provide forensic services for computers, mobile devices, cloud accounts and social media. We offer on-site, off-site, remote collections, special masters and experts for testimony. Our team can identify, recover, collect, analyze, preserve and authenticate data that may be used in legal proceedings as evidence.

Artificial Intelligence

Empowering the right technology is one of the most effective ways to reduce cost.  As early adopters of AI BlueStar can help you gain valuable insight, lower review times and  gain a competitive advantage over your competition.


Our teams our trained to handle financial, medical and highly sensitive corporate information.  We work with organizations to build and maintain compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and New York DFS.

Data Privacy

We help corporations manage their data privacy obligations. Whether you are subject to GDPR or not, data privacy regulations will soon become the norm worldwide. Many corporations are implementing data privacy guidelines of their own volition to maintain the confidence of their clientele as well as demonstrate a commitment to data privay to customer and regulatory bodies. Utilizing our platform - Siemly OMP helps corporations stay on top of managing and maintaining regulatory compliance and data privacy.

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Office 365 Advanced e-Discovery

With Advanced eDiscovery, you can better understand your Office 365 data and reduce your eDiscovery costs. Advanced eDiscovery helps you analyze unstructured data within Office 365, perform more efficient document review, and make decisions to reduce data for eDiscovery.

data hosting

What makes us unique is our ability to customize the look and feel of Relativity.  We give users the flexibility and scalability to handle the industry’s most complex analysis, review and production projects.  We empower  your case team with the right technology  to increase accuracy and reduce cost.  As early adopters of AI BlueStar can help you gain valuable insight, lower review times and  gain a competitive advantage over your competition.



Organization Management Platform (OMP)

Realize instant value with customized templates and work-flows to get you started quickly. Easily build and maintain regulatory compliance programs. Automate threat detection alerts and quickly mobilize internal and external incident response teams. Access policies, procedures, training and tasks in one centralized location.  Centralize all of your internal and external security applications. Demonstrate to auditors, regulators and clients a strong commitment to security.