Data Privacy

BlueStar helps corporations manage their data privacy obligations. Whether you are subject to GDPR or not, data privacy regulations will soon become the norm worldwide. Many corporations are implementing data privacy guidelines of their own volition to maintain the confidence of their clientele as well as demonstrate a commitment to data privay to customer and regulatory bodies. The Siemly OMP helps corporations stay on top of managing and maintaining regulatory compliance and data privacy so that they can quickly and easily manage;

  • Data Subject Requests; Customers can easily submit DSRs that trigger a customizable workflow so that responding to them is tracked, follows a repeatable process and ensures that they are responded to in a timely manner in a secure and defensible manner.  
  • Data Protection Amendments; easily track and manage DPAs  
  • Documents; see all data in the system, who has access to it  and track retention  
  • Incidents; report and respond quickly when an incident occurs  
  • Notifications; Create, send and track notifications and acknowledgments including marketing opt-ins, privacy policies and breach notifications.
  • Off-band communication; users can send and receive communications directly from within the platform so that they will be available even if a breach occurs and all internal systems are offline.  
  • Policies and Procedures; easily collaborate on policies and procedures with teams across your organization and track employee adoption.  
  • Suppliers; third-party supplier onboarding is easily managed with repeatable processes and puts the onus on suppliers to provide you with evidence of compliance.
  • Defensibility; Siemly provides an audit trail of all actions within the system and gives admins the ability to lock data for defensibility so that the corporation's actions, when questioned will withstand scrutiny.